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Alpha Solar services the commercial and residential sectors in San Antonio and the surrounding area.  They offer free no-cost no-obligation consultations to determine if solar is a viable option for reducing long term energy costs.

Alpha Solar works with lenders who offer low interest funding to those who qualify.  In most cases, there is no money down and no out of pocket costs.  In fact, the monthly cost of a solar loan is often less than or about the same as what most people are currently spending for electricity every month.

Solar panels feed energy into the power grid, not directly into the home or business.  This helps supplement the power produced by other sources.  Energy providers measure the amount of power created by privately owned solar panel arrays and give credits to the owners of these arrays.  When the arrays are properly sized for the owner’s energy needs, the credits given by the municipal electrical company should closely match the amount that the electrical company would charge the consumer for the amount of power they have used.  This frequently results a energy bill that is only a few dollars.


Energy costs are ever increasing.  Based on price history and an overall trend towards higher rates for electricity,  it is reasonable to predict that the average residential electricity bill will increase 50% to 100% over the next 20 years.  Solar power helps lock in lower pricing by allowing consumers to produce their own electricity to offset these increasing energy costs.

Many states are implementing variable pricing for electricity, where rates are higher during peak hours and lower when energy demand is less.  Peak hours are typically during the day, when air conditioning systems are working overtime to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.  Solar power is perfectly designed to meet these peak needs by producing power during the day when the sun is shining and temperatures are at their highest.

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