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CRE8AD8 – Travel & Event Management


CRE8AD8 LLC, launched in 2007, has grown from an unknown Agency to a locally, regionally and nationally recognized Agency with international clients. With clientele including small, medium and large businesses as well as Fortune 10 Corporations and Fortune 3 Franchises, CRE8AD8 has made an unprecedented impact in their industry and now competes on international levels. Since 2007, CRE8AD8 not only produces events as an Event Marketing Agency, but also launched several other branches to its Agency;

● Concierge by CRE8AD8…for the business professional
● Concierge by CRE8AD8…for your guests
● Venue Management by CRE8AD8
● Event Brokerage by CRE8AD8
Travel by CRE8AD8
Wedding & Travel Registry by CRE8AD8

CRE8AD8’s recognition has been local, regional and national. Their written recognition includes; but not limited to (Google us for more press!):

● Conexion(Feb ’08)
● The San Antonio Express News(multiple times)
● Hispanic Executive Quarterly(Feb ’09)
● San Antonio Woman Magazine(Mar-Jun ’09).

The agency has been featured on various television channels including:

● The Style Channel
● We TV
● BRAVO TV & more!

Friday Networking Lunch

Let us take the burden
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help you CRE8™
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Friday Networking Lunch
Friday Networking Lunch