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Every year or two, the Friday Networking Lunch has a guest speaker.  Friday, March 16, will be one of those very rare occasions.

Our guest speaker will be Don Varney with Z-Nutrition and Varney Speaks.  In his decades long career, Don has spoken to hundreds of groups on a wide range of subjects.  His titles have included: Professional Athlete, Ironman, Auctioneer, Pastor, Business Coach, Sales Manager, Author, Speaker, Business Owner, Entrepreneur, and more.

For the past 6 or 7 years, Don endured an undiagnosed or misdiagnosed nutritional deficiency which left him unable to walk without crutches or canes.  Once able to run marathons and swim for miles, Don could no longer walk across the kitchen without support.  He had countless tests and saw many specialists around the country.  For years, no one on Don’s medical team could pinpoint the exact cause of his condition.  In this situation, most people would be filled with hopelessness.  But, Don never lost hope.  He never exhibited depression, anger, or any other negative emotion.  Throughout his journey, Don remained hopeful and happy.

In 2017, the cause of Don’s failing health was finally correctly identified and treated.  Today, at over 70 years of age, he is training for his first 5K run in nearly a decade.

I hope you’ll attend the Friday Networking Lunch this week, as Don Varney shares some of the insight he’s gained not only through his experience in the business world, but also in dealing with and overcoming a lengthy and usual health issue.


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