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Permanent Foundation Solutions

The Regional Leader

Permanent Foundation Solutions is the regional leader in the field of foundation repair for both residential and commercial structures.  The experienced experts at Permanent Foundation Solutions are equipped to identify the primary areas of concern and utilize proven stabilization techniques to permanently solve your foundation problems.

Whether your foundation is older Pier & Beam or a newer Slab on Grade concrete foundation, Permanent Foundation Solutions has the knowledge to provide the correct type of remedy for your foundation type.


Why Your Foundation Shifts

The majority of San Antonio and the surrounding area has a geology which is comprised of some of North America’s most expansive clay soils.

In these areas with expansive clays, the surface and sub-surface soils are constantly expanding and contracting as the moisture content of the soils increases and decreases.  The soils act as a sponge sucking up moisture from rain, lawn watering, surface drainage, and plumbing leaks.  As the moisture increases, the clays swell.  As the moisture diminishes through vegetative drying and evaporation, the clays shrink.

The swelling and shrinking of expansive clays often leads to doors or windows which no not open or close properly, cracks in walls and ceilings, cracks in hard flooring such as tile, roof leaks, and generally a less air tight home with higher energy bills.

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