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ROB CHRISTIE has an extensive experience in mortgage loans that goes back a decade – including in credit, underwriting, loan servicing, secondary and capital markets. He has an in-depth, hands-on knowledge of all mortgage products and can help guide you through every step of the origination process from application, to closing, and beyond! Rob can guide customers to the best loan product for them and ensure they close on time. He also has access to an extensive network of builders, insurance providers, real estate agents, and more. Readily available for questions about loan products, or just to grab a cup of coffee. Feel free to call, text, or e-mail at any time!

Your Path to a New Mortgage or Refinancing

Step 1. Apply securely online with Gateway’s intuitive application tool.

Step 2. Meet with Rob to discuss your goals and review your options.

Step 3. Finalize your application by submitting all your documents.

Step 4. Underwriting will review your application.

Step 5. An appraiser will assess the value of the home.

Step 6. Upon final approval you’ll receive terms and funding requirements.

Step 7. You’ll close on your new home or refinance.

Step 8. Rob and customer service will follow up to answer any questions.


Rob Christie Can Assist You with Many Types of Loans

Your Mortgage Journey Starts Here!

Whether a first time buyer or a repeat homeowner, talking with a trusted mortgage professional from your community can provide irreplaceable when it comes to selecting the optimal mortgage product from the wide variety of programs that are available to you!

Purchase, Refinance, or Renovate?

Looking to either purchase a new home, or refinance your current home?  Thinking about renovating a fixer upper?  Maybe you’d rather tap into the equity of your home in order to make some repairs or additions to your current home?  Rob and Gateway Mortgage offer a wide selection of options designed specifically for each scenario and more.

Fixed vs. Adjustable Rate Mortgage?

If the home you are purchasing is likely to be your forever home, a fixed rate loan might be your best option.  A fixed rate loan gives you predictable monthly payments over the life of the loan that’s locked in prior to your loan closing.

If you plan to sell or refinance in a specific amount of time, an adjustable rate might be something to consider.  With an ARM, the initial rate is set below the current market rate for a normal fixed rate product – only for a set amount of time.  After that time, the note rate will change depending on the terms set forth in the final loan closing documents.

Loan term (or length of loan)

Typically customers choose a fixed rate 30 year loan.  However, a 25, 20, or 15 year can save you thousands on interest over the life of your loan.  Rob will analyze your long-term goals when choosing the right loan term for you.

Government Loan Programs

We can walk you through the various government loan options like FHAVA or USDA. There are a number of distinct features and benefits to each of these programs, like lower down payment and lower credit requirements (depending on the loan option).  Plus, lenders can often provide more competitive terms and rates with the knowledge that the loan is backed by the government.

Get the Expertise You Need
With Rob Christie, you can count on working with a highly experienced loan officer who is an expert at helping to identify the best mortgage options for you.  Contact Rob Christie today.

Rob Christie and Gateway strengthen families and communities through personalized financial solutions, expert guidance, and award-winning service.