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Doug Holland
Doug HollandBoxDrop Mattresses & More

BoxDrop Mattresses & More

As a BoxDrop owner, I feel it is important to share why we are different. When I was suffering from chronic back pain and realized it was due to my overpriced, uncomfortable mattress, my quest for affordable comfort began.

Needless to say, the mattress market is inundated with retailers that mark-up mattresses at unbelievable prices. When I learned mattress prices are so high due to store location, highly paid salesmen and expensive advertising, I decided I wanted to change the way consumers buy mattresses!

At BoxDrop you will see the following:

  • We order mattresses in bulk- the discount is in volume!
  • It’s not a fancy store location- a small office building is just fine and you can still try before you buy!
  • We keep inventory on hand for same day delivery- there is not a 3 to 4 weeks waiting time here!
  • All advertising is on Facebook and our friendly Church Bulletin.
  • We keep limited hours to keep prices low-but you can call any time of day for an immediate appointment!
  • Excellent Quality and Warranties-our manufactures are the same as major companies nationwide.
  • It is my duty and my pleasure to educate my customers and get them into AFFORDABLE and AMAZING mattresses, passing the savings on to them!

Come see the 50% to 75% savings off all other retailers for yourself. We promise you the good night’s sleep you deserve without breaking the bank!


We carry Simmons, Serta, Royal Heritage, Sealy, Kings Down, Corsacana, Ashley, Legget and Platt, Acme, Sealy, Art, Crown Mark, Natures Sleep, Parker House, Purdue, Standard, Home Elegance, and more.


BoxDrop Mattresses are all about passing along savings to the customer. We don’t have high overhead retail stores like most of our competitors.


BoxDrop Mattresses & More has partnered with Acima Financial to provide In-Home Layaway™, 90-Day option with “No Credit Score Needed”. Build good credit & over 90% of applicants are APPROVED. Contact us today to apply.


Our warranty is unmatched by the competition and is the best in the industry. Combined with our wholesale prices. We are simply the best value in town.


We serve all of San Antonio and the surrounding areas. We’ll deliver your mattress to your door step when you purchase a quality mattress from us.


We are here to help you make an informed decision, we want you completely satisfied with your purchase and your quality of sleep. Contact us anytime.