FNL Annual Sponsorship


Your tax free donation to the Friday Networking Lunch helps the group with back end and marketing costs.  Sponsors who regularly attend the FNL receive special recognition on our website with their very own sponsorship page.



The FNL Annual Sponsorship begins when the sponsor’s webpage goes live.  This maybe a week or two after the donation has been received.

Renewal is not automatic.  Your annual donation is not a subscription and it will not automatically renew.

Content for your sponsorship page can usually be pulled from your website.  If you do not have a website, we request a few paragraphs (totaling at  least 300 words), so that we have content for your sponsorship page.  We may also need your logo and other graphics so that the sponsorship page can somewhat match the look of your website.  We’ll also need a business professional headshot.  And, if you want your sponsorship page to link to your social media accounts, we’ll need the web addresses for these sites.

Once you have submitted all the content, we will build your sponsorship page.

Please note that the sponsorship page on our website is only available to active members who regularly attend the Friday Networking Lunch.


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