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The Friday Networking Lunch Annual Christmas Gift Exchange is one of the FNLs most well attended events.  Though the FNL has been meeting since 2005, we didn’t start the gift exchange until 2011.  The very first one was so much fun, that we’ve incorporated a gift exchange into other events throughout the year and made the Christmas Gift Exchange an annual event.

How the Exchange Works
Attendees bring a fun gift in the price range of $10 to $15.  Gifts are concealed in easy to open gift bags and placed on a table at the front of the room.  Each person drops their business card in the Christmas Stocking.  As cards are randomly drawn from the stocking, people either choose an unopened gift bag from the table or they steal a previously opened gift from someone else, with a limit of two steals per gift.  So, the 3rd person to get the gift, gets to keep it.

What Do People Bring
This event is always more fun when gifts are the types of things nearly everyone wants.  Popular gifts in years past have included: wine, liquor, beer, sweet treats, tools, jewelry, clothing, Christmas ornaments, gift cards, and fun novelty items.  We always ask that people do not bring throw away items.  The very best gifts are those that you’d want to steal from another participant.

What Does it Cost
Aside from the cost of lunch and the cost of a gift to giveaway, there are no added fees to attend the Annual Christmas Gift Exchange.  Yearly contributions from our sponsors, help cover all event related expenses.  Please visit our sponsor page to learn more about our donors, making a contribution, or joining us as an official sponsor.

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