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For many business people, life can become almost too routine once the spontaneity of summertime ends. This is especially true for parents whose children are back in school. And, for those battling the rush hour commutes, traffic always gets heavier and stress levels go up once school is back in session. This may be why the Friday Networking Halloween Lunch is such a popular event. Aside from Labor Day, it’s really the only event between summertime and Thanksgiving that gives business people a chance to unwind and let loose.

The Friday Networking Halloween Lunch is certainly one of the liveliest FNL events of the year. Let’s face it, sometimes dressing up like someone else and acting like a child again is just what any good psychiatrist would prescribe. And, it’s a great excuse to start the weekend just a few hours early.

This event seems to grow every year. And, the level of creativity seems to grow as well. Attendees have dressed up as a witch, mail carrier, priest, sexy Little Red Riding Hood, bee keeper, construction worker, pirate, Donald Trump, GI Jane, Captain Stubing (from The Love Boat), doctor, surgery-gone-wrong patient, cowboy, Texas Ranger, Thing One (from Dr Seuss), and more.

Please join us for our next Friday Networking Halloween Lunch. It is almost guaranteed to be better than the last. Or, your money back. Just kidding. Aside from the cost of your meal, there’s no cost to attend. So, there’s nothing to refund if you’re not totally satisfied. Annual contributions from our sponsors, help cover all event related expenses. Please visit our sponsor page to learn more about our donors, making a contribution, or joining us as an official sponsor.

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