Each week the Friday Networking Lunch has a healthy mix of “Regulars” and “Visitors”.  Most of the regulars understand the value of building and maintaining relationships and that simply trying to make the sale accomplishes neither.  Some of the visitors understand this as well and it is easy to spot the ones who do not.

Those who are in straight forward sales mode, are often poor listeners because their primary focus is on getting your attention.  They often try to build up themselves or their business rather than taking an interest in you, your business, how their business may truly benefit you, or how a relationship with you could create a win-win structure for future sales and growth for both of you.

The last time you met someone for the first time, did they dominate the conversation by telling you all about themselves?  Or, did they ask about you and did your answers prompt additional questions?  We’ve all had first time interactions that either fit firmly into the former or the later.  Which was most enjoyable?  Which person would you like to meet again?  Which person would you be more likely to do business with?   Be that person.

In his famous book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie writes, “We are interested in others when they are interested in us.”  Therefore, if you want people to like you and have an interest in you, then stop being the salesman and start being the listener.

Those who attend the Friday Networking Lunch on a regular basis, are those who do not strive to make the sale, but instead strive to build the relationship, because they know that the relationships they crate and maintain are likely to lead to many sales rather than just one.