I think your values and your principles are the way to measure the rightness of your vision.  If you have a vision for feeding the malnourished people in your community….and one of your principles is: “I will treat others in the same way I want to be treated,” they your vision has a tremendous amount of integrity because it matches your principle.

I want all of you to know where you’re going…to have a vision of yourselves accomplishing great things during your lifetime.  Don’t listen to those people who say, “Don’t worry about the future!” All responsible leaders are concerned about the future, because…they’re concerned about others…and because the future is where they’re going to.

If there is any one thing lacking in today’s world of leadership, it is a sense of vision.  It seems that so many of our “leaders” don’t have a clue about where they’re going.  And the scary part is that they have all kinds of ideas about how to get there!  A nation without a vision is a nation at-risk!  It’s been said that: “If we don’t know where we’re going, we’d better be careful, because we may end up where we’re headed!”

“It is better to err on the side of too great a vision, than on too little a vision!”

“There is no fate, but what we make”  – That is the statement of a leader

Proactive people accept responsibility for the events of their lives and the directions they choose to take!  It’s unhealthy for us as leaders to blame others for the events of our lives!  You see…I don’t believe that we’re helpless victims of events over which we have no control.  These are our lives, and we are totally responsible for how we use them!

When we’re conducting a reality check, we can’t afford to be political or biased.  We’ve got to be willing to take a hard look at the facts.